LTS Hair Extenstions 101

Understanding Hair Extensions
Hair extensions are your hair's instant upgrade! They're extra strands you add to boost volume, length, or play with different colours and textures. It's like magic for your locks! 

Types of Hair Extensions

There's a whole crew of extensions! Clip-ins for a quick change, tape-ins for a semi-permanent groove, sew-ins for a longer affair, and fusion extensions for a full-on commitment. Each type brings its own flavour to the hair party.

How Hair Extensions Work

Clip-ins are like hair accessories; tape-ins stick close to your roots; sew-ins involve braiding and sewing, and fusion extensions use heat to bond. It's about finding the method that vibes with your style and patience level.

Materials Used in Hair Extensions

Quality extensions are usually 100% human hair – no fakes here. It blends better, styles better, and acts like your hair’s BFF. We exclusively use Remy hair, where the cuticles are aligned for that silky smooth vibe.

Understanding Different Weights

It's about how much hair is in each set. More weight means more hair, more volume, and possibly more fierceness.

Deciphering Ratios

"Ratio" spills the tea on the mix of lengths or weights in a set. Picture a hair cocktail – short sass, medium magic, and long lusciousness, all in a perfect blend. It's like a recipe for the ultimate hair upgrade, and it might sneak into convos about colour blends too.

Safety of Hair Extensions

When done right, extensions are like your hair's stylish sidekick. Just remember to give them some TLC – tender loving care.

Choosing the Right Colour

Nailing the colour game is crucial! Most brands have a colour chart to match your natural shade. Pro tip: If in doubt, go slightly lighter – you can always darken it up.

Caring for Hair Extensions

Treat them like your own hair, but be gentle. Use sulphate-free shampoo; less is more. Air-dry or low-heat blow-dry for the win.

Styling Hair Extensions

Absolutely! Straighten, curl, style – it's your call. Keep the heat below 300°F (150°C) for styling tools, and always use a heat protectant. Let that hair sizzle in the right way.

Recommended Products

Keep it simple! Sulphate-free products are your go-to, and avoid anything too oily near the roots. A good leave-in conditioner is like a spa day for your extensions.

Understanding Costs

Prices vary, but it's an investment in your fabulousness. Clip-ins are budget-friendly, while the more permanent options can cost a bit more. Check your favourite brands for the deets.

Lifespan of Hair Extensions

The lifespan depends on the type and how well you treat them. Clip-ins are your party buddies, while more permanent styles can rock on for a few months. Regular maintenance and some extra love will keep them slaying longer.

So, go grab those extensions and let your hair be the canvas for your DIY hair masterpiece!