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High Quality

100% Remy with a market leading thick ends ratio.

Love the style Hair extensions

Discover the secret to ultimate walk-out-the-door confidence with our 100% remy hair extensions. Achieve the perfect look in seconds.


"I am obsessed with my Love the Style seamless clip-ins! The 24 inches in maximum volume give me the most stunning, luscious locks—totally transformed my look!"

Billie, Seamless Clip ins

"Love the Style's classic clip-ins are a game-changer! The 20-inch length adds the perfect touch of glam to my everyday style. Easy to use and blend seamlessly with my natural hair!"

Amy, Classic Clip ins

"The halo extensions from Love the Style are pure magic! The 16 inches provide a natural look with maximum comfort. I've never felt more confident and beautiful."

Marle, Halo

"Love the Style's premium hair extensions are a dream come true! The 24-inch seamless clip-ins in maximum volume give my hair the perfect boost, and the quality is unmatched."

Leanne, Seamless Clip in

"I adore my Love the Style 20-inch classic clip-ins! They're so versatile—whether it's a casual day or a special occasion, these extensions add the right amount of volume and length."

Lottie, Seamless Clip In

Why Love the style

  • Super Awesome Quality

    Our hair extensions are 100% human Remy hair, top-notch quality! We make sure they're super cool, sourced with care, and totally crafted to give you that amazing, luxurious look every time

  • Colour Magic Masters

    Say bye-bye to hair colour confusion! Our colour matching pros are like wizards, making sure your extensions match your unique hair colour. It's all about that flawless blend that makes you shine!

  • Seamlessly adding length and volume

    Our extensions are as light as a feather and seamlessly blend! Seriously, you won't even notice them. Feel comfy and confident, whether you're slaying a special event or just your everyday glam

  • Long-Lasting

    Get ready for hair that stays fabulous up to 12 months with the right care! Our extensions are built to last and stay awesome. Rock that stunning look day after day without any worries.

Hair Extensions 101

  • Stylish Versatility

    Love the Style Hair extensions let you play around with different looks effortlessly. They're like a style playground for your hair, giving you the freedom to rock various lengths, volumes, and colours to match your vibe.

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  • Instant Glam

    Need a quick glam fix? Hair extensions got your back! Say goodbye to waiting for your hair to grow or sitting through long salon sessions. With extensions, you can switch up your style in an instant, perfect for those spontaneous moments or special occasions.

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  • Confidence Boost

    Rocking a new hairstyle, thanks to fabulous extensions, can skyrocket your confidence. Feeling glam and put-together not only enhances your look but also boosts your self-esteem. It's like having a personal confidence booster attached to your hair!

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  • Easy Peasy Maintenance

    Forget high-maintenance styles! Quality hair extensions are low-key and require minimal effort to keep them looking fabulous. You can enjoy your stylish look without the hassle of constant touch-ups, making them a cool and time-saving choice for your trendy self.

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Which DIY Hair Extension is perfect for you?

  • Seamless Clip in

    1. Lightweight Design: Seamless PU Clip-ins feature a lighter weight for a comfortable feel.
    2. Closer Bond to Head than classic lace: Designed for a snug fit, creating a seamless blend with your natural hair.
    3. Easy Application: Effortless clip design ensures quick attachment.
    4. Versatility: Available in various lengths (16, 20, 24 inches) and 10+ shades.
    5. Temporary Change: Instantly switch up your style for events.
    6. Minimal Damage: Non-permanent; PU material is gentle on natural hair.
    7. Cost-Effective: Affordable choice with the same benefits as classic lace clip-ins.
    8. DIY Friendly: Seamless PU Clip-ins come in 5 or 9-piece sets for easy at-home application.
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  • Classic Lace Clip In

    1. Easy Application: Simple clip design for quick attachment.
    2. Versatility: Available in various lengths (16, 20, 24 inches) and 10+ shades.
    3. Temporary Change: Instantly switch up your style for events.
    4. Minimal Damage: Non-permanent, no adhesives, heat, or chemicals.
    5. Cost-Effective: Affordable compared to other extensions.
    6. DIY Friendly: Choose from 5 or 9-piece sets for easy at-home application.
    7. Comfortable Wear: Lightweight with a natural look and feel for both natural and maximum volume styles.
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  • Classic Halo

    1. Halo Comfort: Weightless design for a comfortable fit, creating a halo effect around your head.
    2. Seamless Blend: Sits close to the head for a natural and seamless integration.
    3. Single Wire Ease: Effortless application with a single wire, providing 6 adjustable headband options for a secure fit.
    4. Versatile Lengths: Available in various lengths (16, 20, 24 inches) and 10+ shades for a customized look.
    5. Instant Transformation: Achieve a new style in minutes without a permanent commitment.
    6. Gentle on Hair: Clip-free and adhesive-free design, minimizing stress on natural hair.
    7. Cost-Effective Elegance: Affordable elegance with the same benefits as other extensions.
    8. DIY Chic: User-friendly halo design for easy and stylish at-home application.
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